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Rossino Interior Design offers his clients a service called appraisal documentation both for brand new properties and already existent properties. That consists in cadastral plans and documents registered in Land Registry and Register of Property (Agenzia del Territorio, Catasto dei Fabbricati and Catasto dei Terreni).

Rossino Interior Design firm accomplishes the following services by Land Register (Catasto dei Terreni) and Register of Property in the area of Cagliari:

– Application for cadastral documents and certifications (current and historic) by Land Register and Register of Property;
– Registration of new properties or enlargement of civil, rural, productive real estate units through the Do. C. Fa.;
– Change to the land registry records of preexisting real estate units;
– Splitting up of agricultural land and residential zoning, of urban and rural areas and properties;
– Cadastral map with instrumental and manual survey for insertion to building map;
– Verifying agricultural, residential and urban areas;
– Inserting or drafting transfers of registrations.

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